This survey is aimed to all customers which are using the menu entry Assets/posting in order to create posting for the financial accounting system "Eurofib" or other accounting systems.

This functionality is included in the base module of Euro-AMS Professional and Premium and all Eurofib Installations and can therefore be used at any time.

For those which are not familiar with this functionality or does not know about it, we recommend studying your documentation about Asset posting or request information from your supplier/distributor.

This survey is not about advertising this feature, but to offer an extension to it and to gather information about
if and how many customers are interested and how much they are willing to pay.

This extension called "Incremental posting" has its goal in reducing the amount of time to solve
specific problems as well help improve and map your company  Work-flow regarding posting of
changes in the area of asset accounting.

We like to show with the help of some examples, how a solution based
on this extension will be in comparison to the solutions which are currently available.

Subsequent Credit Note

You are posting month may and a few days after you receive a credit note for an existing asset for the this period.

Solution now:

You have to call undo posting with unlock option. Enter credit note. Again Posting the period.

Solution with „Incremental posting“

You simply enter the credit note and call again posting for this period. Only the difference (if any) will be posted.

Forget about disposal

After closing an accounting year or after posting the depreciation you recognize
that some assets not exists any more and should be disposed in that period.

Solution now:

It´s not possible to do this for this period even if the depreciation would
remains the same.

The whole posting batch has to be reverted and once again
post in to the system for the entire period.

Solution with „Incremental posting“

You simply call up the assets or check the assets in question inside
control-center and dispose them. In case you are sure that the
depreciation stays the same you can immediately post the
disposal in finance or use the function provided to post
disposals without reposting anything.

Useful Life incorrect

The event of a tax check or revision from your business trustee reveals that
the definition of useful life from some of the assets has to corrected.

Solution now:

Useful Life definition for this period cannot be changed any more,
the whole posting batch has to be reverted first, then you can
enter that event and post in to the system for the entire period again.

Solution with „Incremental posting“

You simple enter the event in the assets in question as you are used too.
Call up posting the difference will be posted accordingly.

There is no reason to hide the fact, that there is indeed a solution to
solve that problem without undo posting.
This solution has been made to change only a few assets and
it is rather complicated since you have to delete posting references
unlock data and post the difference manually before you
can actually make your changes and post it again to the system.


So if this extension make things easier and more simplified
for what is that survey for and not just do it?

To put it briefly - it´s the effort!

The realisation of this solution requires financing.
At a rough estimate the time needed is 2 man-weeks.

Normally improvements made to the system are financed through
the portion reserved within your maintenance
contract for software improvements.

In this case problems described above are affecting less than 20-30%
of the existing and future customers and therefore if cannot be
financed out of the common pool.

In order to realize it despite that facts, we would create a buyable
extension and want to kindly asked you if you
are interested in such a solution and how much money
you are willing to pay for it.

If there are enough customers supporting the creation of that
extension, we will realize it right away.

We will inform you if and when this extension will be available and
at which cost.

Thanks in advance for your time.



Wolfgang Hann

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